Happy Hour- Glamour Drops

I thought I would spice up 'Happy Hour' and ask readers to share their favourite Happy 
Hour recipe. The ever stylish Virginia Blue (Glamour Drops) agreed to spill the beans 
on her secret weapon (recipe).

VB: Here is the recipe for the Mango Daiquiris which are a bit of a favourite with 
our friends. They always (hopefully) ask if we will be having them at our summer/ 
autumn dinner parties. It is my own recipe - devised from when we lived in Darwin - 
and only slightly adapted from the original. We used to make these by the bucket load 
for our cocktail parties. No added ice! But the mangoes are frozen instead. Which also 
means that we can have them all year around, if we are organised enough. 

Thanks VB, for your Happy Hour recipe, no wonder your friends request them....mmm
sounds delicious! It seems as though there is a wild 1920's cocktail party going on at VB's
 blog at this very moment! She must have made up a batch of  Mango Daiquiris..... 
  those girls are shaking up a storm! Check it out here  and have a GREAT weekend. 

Virginia Blue 
Glamour Drops A blog celebrating all that is beautiful & glamorous in architecture & design
edited by blue fruit interior architecture & building design in melbourne

If you want to share your favourite recipe let me know, I would love to share it.


  1. Hey this sounds even more delicious when I see it on your colourful blog!

    Thank you for letting me pop in to share the recipe! And hope you have a gorgeous, glamorous weekend. VB xx


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