Master Scandinavian Design with these Simple Hacks!

There is one thing we know for sure: the Scandinavian design is here to stay. 

The world has gone crazy about this simple and elegant style in their homes, the white floors, lots of light wood and an appreciation of nature. 

There are a few simple hacks that can help you master this popular design, and make your home cosy and stylish.

Incorporate Copper Details
Since this whole interior design may look bare and simple, you need to bring character with small details. A great way to achieve this is by introducing copper ornaments and accessories in your home. 

If you are feeling crafty and on a budget, you could use copper paint that is suitable for glass, and decorate your mugs, glasses, candles and vases. 

You can be creative and design these with Scandinavian-inspired motifs such as deer antlers, geometric patterns or leaves. 

You can also easily decorate tin cans with three coats of copper paint and turn them into cute, decorative pencil holders or pots for plants and dot around your home. 

For a bathroom refresh just spray paint the towel rings, mirror frame and bathroom hook.

Introduce Wood
To strike the perfect contrast to the whole white interior you should incorporate more natural wood into your home. You can do that through furniture, flooring or you can even decorate the walls with some wood art and panels. 

Another simple way is to introduce wooden branches as decoration. You can use some sturdy branches with a hook shaped piece and use them as coat hooks in your hallway. 

Also, you can use them as hanging racks, and hang a few of them in your living room or patio and have a perfect place for your hanging plants. 

Wood will bring warm atmosphere in your home because it is a natural insulator. But above all, it will turn your house into a lovely cozy place for your family.

Functional Bright Kitchen
As the busiest place in your home, the kitchen needs to be bright, spacious and functional. Like with the rest of the Scandi look, your kitchen can be painted all-white with copper and wooden details. Also, to make it brighter you should let as much daylight as possible in order to make it appear bigger and cozier. 

To respect the functionality of this design, you should make sure to have multi-functional furniture, lots of useful storage and no excess appliances and clutter.

Love the Nature
Despite cold long winters, Scandinavians adore spending time in nature doing various activities. To be even closer to the nature, they decided to bring it inside. To do the same, you should introduce plants and greenery in your home and show deep appreciation to nature and healthy life. 

Hang up your favorite flowers, filter the air with some bigger potted plants and introduce natural textures and fibers into your home. Hang some art that depicts nature and simple mimic its neutral tones in your home.

Cozy Corner Fireplace
To survive long cold winters, Scandinavians rely on their warm fireplaces that are there for heat and sometimes even cooking. Of course, with today’s technology we do not have to worry about the cooking appliances, but a nice corner fireplace is a great decoration and an artful focal point. 

It does not have to be big and in the center of the room, like in many other western countries. It should be simple, functional and simply to serve the purpose of getting your home warm and ready for winter.

The idea of moving to North and enjoying their beautiful nature and views is tempting. However, not everyone can do the same, so why not try bringing Scandinavia to us. Follow these few simple tips, and turn your home into a bright and warm place for living.

Today's post comes courtesy of Squeezed Daily's newest recruit! Very excited to introduce Lana Hawkins who will be sharing her decorating tips on what will hopefully be a regular basis. Watch this space!

Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and an advisory editor at Smooth Decorator.  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration.

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Cosy Creations for your Outdoor Space.

Out with the cold and in with the new!
As the weather cools down so does our desire to spend time amid the great outdoors.

Keeping warm this Winter needn’t meant retreating indoors. It is possible to convert your terrace or patio into a cosy cocoon of warmth with these outdoor decor essentials.

Whimsical and weather proof, these toasty on trend pieces will help to create a snuggly atmosphere so you can continue to soak up the sunshine, enjoy the fresh air and listen to the sounds of Mother Nature all year round.

Typographic print “The Invincible Summer”
By Matthew Kavan Brooks for Kavan & Co.

A signed, number and embossed Limited edition of 100.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer”.

This flagship typographic print “The Invincible Summer” is the perfect way to stay inspired all year round. A summer bouquet of florals with a strong impact of flowing black ribbons and a combination of digital and hand rendered type.

The print can be purchased from Society 6 and shipped to Australia.

Last Stool

Designed by Max Lamb for Discipline.
Available from Stylecraft

The Last stool is moulded from a single piece of mild steel, creating a strong and resistant form that is adaptable to any space. 
With a warm copper or enamelled finish, Last is available in a wide range colours.

Eclectic candle large 3-wick candle gift set
By: Tom Dixon available from Dedece

Royalty, London and Orientalist are three candles which form part of Eclectic accessories collection by Tom Dixon. Each candle is contained within a hand-spun vessel formed in brass, copper or nickel, including a solid Indian Morwad marble lid

Jardine Bench

 West Elm

Made of FSC®-certified wood, the Jardine Bench has a rugged, driftwood-inspired finish that feels cured by sun and salty air. With a sturdy base and planked wood top, it comfortably seats up to three.

Soba Fire Pit 
by Paloform

The Soba firebowl is 28” diameter x 16” tall and has a serene, but fiery personality that makes the perfect accent torch in the garden or by the poolside.

By Artist: Gunjan Aylawadi 
Available from He made She Made
Büşra literally means good news. This work, with its vibrant colors has been lovingly handmade with paper to evoke this very feeling. It is a personal exploration of the power of positive emotions and how simple or hard it is to experience joy.

Available in a powder coated aluminium (black or white) box frame with an acrylic face. This is frame is for limited outdoor use (such as a patio/veranda). 

Medium: Archival safe paper and glue. Dimensions: 21.6m long x 17.6m high (unframed).

Pendant Cushion 

Designed & Made by: Hayley Whitting
These unique 
45cm x 45cm cushions in navy & turquoise are hand screen-printed ‘pendant’ design is featured on the front of the cushion with a navy back and navy piping around the edges.

They can can be customised in various colours and made to order in various sizes, with/without piping and can be customised to be suitable for outdoor use. 

Cosmo Outdoor Rug 
Designed & Manufactured by: CRS Paola Lenti 
Available from Dedece

This rug is completely hand made and is available with one or two-colours for the rope cord. 
The composing elements feature different dimensions and production techniques: some are created by sewing the cord in a spiral-like pattern, others are shaped to form round decorated modules.

Aqua Pouf with fixed rope.
Designed & Manufactured by: CRS Paola Lenti 
Available from Dedece

The structure of the Aqua Poof is made from rigid polyurethane foam and is water-repellent treated. The cover is fixed and is made with a rope in plain or two-tone. and is braided by hand directly on the structure. 

Little Dandelion Throw
Designed & Made by: Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion

Motivated by a yearning to get back to the basics, Little Dandelion craft beautiful handmade knitted blankets and throws using Australian wool and eco-friendly linen fabric. 

Where possible, they always source our materials from local producers and suppliers.

Forno Ciao
Alfa Pizza

The new compact, easy and fast wood fired oven from Alfa Pizza is super easy to assemble and can reach cooking temperatures in just a few minutes. It can be moved wherever you want with ease and is great for both gardens or balconies and terraces. Colour options available are Grey Yellow & Green.

Kenneth Cobonpue Cabaret 
Designed by: Kenneth Cobonpue
Available from 

This collection from Kenneth Cobonpue is offered in an arrayof colours and a choice of outdoor or indoor fabrics.
Available as a generous high-backed sofa or a comfortable lounge chair in low back or matching high back.

Mini Baddy Luminescent Garden Gnome Designed by: JoeVelluto (JVLT) & Alberto Fabbian

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings, the original baddy comes in 8 different finishes including a luminescent version that acts as a “dwarf guard” thanks to a luminous resin that absorbs light momentarily and then releases it for several hours, making it a small presence in the night. 

Garden Glory Reindeer Antlers &  Garden Hose Wall Mount 
Designed & Manufactured by: Garden Glory
Supplier: Scooper Design

The Reindeer wall mount is Garden Glory’s  pearl and makes a nice detail on the facade. The antlers are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are cast in aluminium. Available in Gold, White and Black.

The hoses are made in Scandinavia and in the highest of quality. Available in Gold, Pink, White, Grey and Black.
The Gold Digger hose is part of the De Luxe collection which in direct sunlight will shimmer like gold.

TableTopia Lanterns
By: Table 77

Tabletopia are contemporary lanterns, designed and manufactured in Sydney by table77. Made from durable aluminium with intricate laser cut designs to create beautiful wall shadow patterns and painted in alluring, bright colours.
Dimensions: 270mm x 170mm x 170mm
Colour range: green, yellow, orange, grey, white and black

Flora Trellis

Just as in an orchestra, architecture, plants and products
must work together when creating a green wall. No individual component must stand out, and even when only a few plants are used, a trellis must ensure an attractive look. 

Depending on the planning, FLORA's trellises make possible the use of organic or geometric shapes and durability has top priority with regard to quality. Made in Germany and can be shipped to Australia.

Garden Stake
By: Weylandts

100% handcrafted and handmade to the last detail, illuminate your space with this charming garden stake made of iron wire with a z
inc antiqued finish.
Size: L 120mm | W 120mm | H 1000mm

For more juicy outdoor living inspo. visit the House of Home's Tips for Styling Your Balcony or Small Garden Space

Image Credit & Styling: Darren and Dea of The Block |

Juicy Tips for Styling an Artful Table Top.

Styling your table top is an essential part of home decorating; it 
adds that extra layer of interest to a room by creating a focal point and is a great way to reflect your personality and style! However, without this important element, your interior can appear unfinished or incomplete. 

You can add the finishing touches to a room by creating a table top that is both artful and functional. 
To achieve this consider embracing the elements of wood, metal, glass, ceramic and woven textures. Adding depth and dimension, this beautiful quintet of materials celebrates some of the top trends for 2016.

These timeless materials will play an essential role in making your home the centre of attention. Mixing all of these key ingredients together will give you an edge in creating a unique space with a cool temperament, natural warmth and a distinctive playfulness.

Styling your dining table, coffee table, book shelf or credenza is the perfect way to introduce these raw and natural elements to your home with ease. 

Below are some fabulous examples of home decor accessories that are perfect for creating an artful table top!

Amanda Dziedzic Glass
Deciding between "Display Domes" or "Ikebana Australiana" by Melbourne glass artist Amanda Dziedzic was impossible as no two pieces are ever identical. A hand blown cloche in bright colours with a turned timber base in Victorian Ash, versus; a traditional and honoured, Japanese inspired floral vessel that caters to Australian natives. Which is your favourite?!


Angus & Celeste 
Unique and playful, these porcelain hanging planters by Angus & Celeste are inspired by elaborate jelly moulds of the 18th and 19th century. These pretty pastel pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can be suspended or placed upon a surface.


Bonnie & Neil
Textile design studio Bonnie & Neil bring botanical motifs, bright patterns, and a nod to Australiana culture with their sensational collection of designs. Their “Eco Ply Wooden Storage Cubes'' are a shining example and can also be used a decorative table top accessory.

Bridget Bodenham 
Raw and natural with a hint of bling, Bridget Bodenham’s amazing collection of ceramics are almost too beautiful to use. If in doubt, they make a perfect display piece.

“Pressed dahlia” is the latest of Chilewich’s “pressed” technique using a woven vinyl textile. This beautiful lace-like place mat is a must-have design for any table.


From Sweden to Sydney, Funkis’ hand-made timberware, porcelain and clay designs are inspired from Nordic and Japanese cultures and reflect the typical characteristics of simplicity and elegance.


Ito Kish 
The “Flora” candle holder by Ito Kish reflects the simplicity of pure white combined with the repetition of pattern and shape to create a beautiful sense of peace and tranquillity. The baluster design references vintage Philippines, inspired by the mouldings used on ventanillas (little windows) to enable air to flow through traditional Philippines houses.

Koa by Kaitlin
Designed by Australian Industrial Designer Kaitlin Liddell, “Koa” is a playful range of designer stoneware cups. Each cup is hand-carved by local artisans from urban and rural communities in Bali, and then brought to life through kilns that run on renewable energy. That’s bound to bring a smile to your morning coffee or afternoon tea! 

MRD Home
Fruit for thought: MRD Home’s cute timber fruit collection and platter is hand made from Suar wood with a natural oiled or stained black version. Combined, they make a striking table top feature.

Jaime Hayon for Paola C 
Hailing from Italy the “Titus I, II, III” have been designed by Spanish icon designer Jaime Hayon for the Paola C. brand. Jaw droppingly beautiful, Jamie’s coloured glass vases come in gunmetal, brass, or copper with a silver plated or brushed brass base. They’re not yet stocked in Australia but can be shipped!

Roche Bobois 
Celebrating L’Art de Vivre the “SV 10 Vase” designed by Pia Wüstenberg for Roche Bobois is a stunning piece that combines blown glass with a copper or brass base and a larch wood top. This item can be shipped to Australia.


Sarai’s metallic concrete candle set will rock your socks off! Made from Concrete which is a sustainable material, each piece is carefully set in recycled moulds to support a green world. Each piece is hand painted with a pop of colour to brighten up any room!

Escape to paradise with Satara’s coastal cool collection of sculptural, white lid vases. Made with Paulownia wood they are perfect for adding a touch of natural style to your home décor.


Unlock the secret to unknown culinary universes whilst dining in style with Seletti’s “Keytlery” Gold plated cutlery set. A guaranteed conversation starter as well as a functional statement piece for the table.



The “Ice-cream vase” by Takeawei is sweet as! One can’t go past the lip licking, powdery pastel shades and inspired sorbet tones.


The Design Farm
The Design Farm’s GLOH range teams sustainably produced timber with polished copper highlights. Hand made with love, the vessels come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The GLOH lamp being the highlight of the collection!


Tom Dixon (available from Dedece)
Tom Dixon does it again with his “Plum”, “Elements” and “Cog” collections and I just can’t get enough! Enjoy summer with his Plum Ice Bucket and Plum Cocktail Shaker and for summer nights with the Elements Water Candle, Cog Candle Holder and Cog Tea Light Holder Cylinder.

Tree Horn Design
Tree Horn Designs hand crafted colourful range of kitchen boards are made from sustainably grown Tassie Oak. The coloured section of the board is bright and opaque, offering a glimpse of the timber pattern beneath. Mixing the two mediums of colour and natural timber really make the boards “pop”.

Wingnut & Co.
A tea set with a twist: the “Maccha Bowl” set by Wingnut & Co. embraces modest design, natural materials and simple textures. Available in various colours, it is made from ceramic and recycled White Oak collected from local workshops. 


There are so many amazing art d'objets to choose from! Which is your favourite!