Tropical inspired mood boards you can create yourself!

Because a picture is worth a 1000 words…

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A Mood Board (also known as a story board, sample board or concept board) is a fantastic tool used by designers to convey a mood or the overall feel of a project, putting together images and objects which inspire, target desires and facilitate creativity and innovation.
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"fun * creative * inspiring * colourful * visual" 
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Mood boards are extremely useful to explore alternative options for inspirational imagery, finishes, colours, furniture, and accessories, acting as guide to illustrate a direction of style in which to pursue and great for those who have a hard time visualising.

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Traditionally used exclusively by designers, it’s now possible for all design aficionados to explore their creativity and develop their own sense of style thanks to the wonderful world of online software.

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Probably one of the best kept designer secrets in 2012!

Being a designer myself, I do feel a little traitorous divulging such information so freely, but I believe it is so important for everyone to explore their creative side and be excited about design!

Creativity exists within everyone – you just have to unleash it!  

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So here goes – below are the top 3 online concept creation tools: (fellow designers please don’t hate me).

Sample Board 

Sample Board allows for the quick and easy creation of digital sample / mood boards by helping the user to combine product images, fabric swatches, textures, colours, palettes and patterns to convey a design concept.

It streamlines the process by putting all of the tools and resources needed in one place.

“providing clues to your personality”

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The image gallery allows you to browse 30 000+ product and industry specific images, search ColourLovers by color, pattern or palette, clip and save images from across the web, import images from Flickr and Picasa or upload your own.
It can be used to create boards for interiors, fashion, weddings, landscaping and more. 
Project Décor

Project Décor is a home decoration platform which launched in June 2012. It allows you create your dream room and unleash your inner designer by pulling pieces from different top-notch designers.

Users also have access to connect with interior decorators for design services.

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The best thing about Project Décor is that it’s a one-stop shop. All the products on the site can be purchased from the site.

With 40 mid-level to high-end designer brands, including Knoll, Johnathan Adler and Kosta Boda — plus just under 10,000 products on the site and more being added — Project Décor is a designer home decor lover’s dream!

Olioboard -

Olioboard is an easy to use, intuitive web app for creating digital mood boards online that you can save, share and click on products to buy. 

It is also a community of interior designers and creative thinkers coming together to share inspiration and offer feedback.

It provides a fun and easy way to compile ideas and “see” either in 2D or 3D how the items will work together in a space.

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So which one of the 3 is the better platform? You be the judge! I would love to hear your thoughts!
Until next time, why not dive into the ocean of inspiration offered by these wonderful mood board makers and create your own tropical dream oasis!

Sarah Louise x


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have a play with these and see what I can create. ;-)

  2. Thanks for such a great and inspiring post, Sarah. Maybe I'll finally get my act together and finish setting up my blog before 2013!! LOL Cheers, Hx


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