Solar Eclipse and Kamikaze Kid

On Wednesday I burnt out my retinas trying to see the solar eclipse.

It was a 92% or 95% eclipse of the sun on Magnetic Island. The optimum place to view it was in Cairns, 4 hours north of Magnetic Island. Even though it wasn't a complete eclipse, it was still an amazing thing to see, very eerie when it went quite dark.

I thought if I looked through my iphone screen I'd might be able to see it happening without retina burn but this was as good as I could see it.

Until an elderly man saw me struggling and gave me a piece of welders glass to look through. it was pretty cool to see, well worth the effort of getting up early........

But the week didn't start out that great.

Our Indi 'Boy' took a nose dive, Kamikaze style......

off his scooter and onto rocks below the marina walkway.

He took this corner at warp speed and didn't make the turn, hit the lip with his scooter and went over the edge head first into the rocks. As you can imagine Syd and I were a bit hysterical to find him starfished on the rocks with blood everywhere....... I thought my worst nightmare had come true.

But we were lucky he managed to avoid any major head trauma (thick skull). He was taken from the Island clinic, to the mainland Hospital to get his head sutured and arm set in plaster. He was well looked after, We're so grateful.

His loving sister, while waving to Indi and her dad leaving on the ferry, took herself out on a pole "Tom and Jerry" style (out of sympathy I'm sure). I then had two injured children! We went to the store to get cupcake mix to bake some cakes and got some other treats for him for when he  came back from the hospital the next day. I must have still been in shock, I don't bake for anyone.

Those who know me would be falling off their chair seeing the proof that I baked these. Maybe my baking instinct takes over in times of crisis? This is the full batch I baked,  I must have had a few too many tasters of the batter....maybe my cravings for chocolate kicks in times of crisis too?

Here he is now, back doing boy things again. Doing his best to keep me on my toes and scaring the cr#p out of me at the same time!

Sarah Woods x


  1. Oh no! Hope the little fella is feeling better after his run-in with the rocks! Hugs from Qld. Hx

  2. Oh no....those rocks loook trecherous...glad he is back to his reindeer games!!

  3. Yes, some are very pointy! I get a shiver up my spine every time I walk past them.


  4. Poor babies!!!

    That was scary for me to read! Cannot even imagine what it must have been like for you.


  5. It was really, really awful. I feel a bit sick walking past 'the spot' everyday.



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