Tropical inspired finishes & graphic gardens – bring a touch of the tropical to your interior!

Hi reader's! My name is Sarah Louise Radhanauth, I'm an Interior Designer, Artists Representative, Trends Forecaster, Create-aholic, Design Addict, Intrepid Traveler and lover of the beautiful and the unusual. 

As guest blogger with ‘Squeezed Daily’ I am super excited to be contributing to Sarah’s blog from Montreal, Canada. I’ll share with you all of my great little finds and tropical inspirations. I hope that my posts will help to stimulate your own creative juices and encourage that magical island feeling!

If you're looking to create a tropical inspired interior in the form of something a little more subtle than palm fronds, sea grass matting and rattan chairs then read on!
I have discovered a few unique and innovative interior finishes which provide a modern tropical flavour minus the kitsch.
Each of the 3 companies featured below offer innovative and sustainable products for the home and/or office.
3Form is a socially and sustainably responsible company offering a range interior finishes that explore colour, pattern and texture. Their products can be used for many applications such as screen systems, counter front panels or light fittings.
Panel: Varia Ecoresin Leaf Spring Detail

This pendant light fitting is the first in a series of
annual, studio-wide projects by 3form LightArt employees.

Light Fitting: 'Botanicals 8' by 3Form
LUMICOR manufacture resin panels available in a variety
of finishes such as matt, frost, gloss and sandstone.
This beautiful and unique design will bring a touch of the ocean to your space.
Warm beiges, soft creams and corals will remind you of a day at the beach.

Add interest and dimension to your space with Lumicor Wave panels. They can be hung in nearly any orientation or aligned end-to-end to create a continuous rolling wave.

The panels can be used for doors and cabinet inserts, partitions and interior windows.

A recycled resin option called ‘R4’ is also available which contains certified levels of recycled materials which can help your project qualify LEED Certification.

Lumiclear or Lumiform sheets can be customised with your own artwork, photography or corporate logos.   
Digital Print is used for printing bold, saturated images. Images printed are translucent and can be specified in any resin product, gauge and finish option.

A brand new product for 2012 is Kirei’s Coco Sumatra
and Java collection tiles manufactured from re-claimed coconut shells. 
Since 2003 Kirei has been dedicated to bringing beautiful, natural materials to the market using sustainable, nontoxic materials.
The tiles can be used for wall coverings, furniture,
feature walls and many other interior design elements. 

'Yogya White' Sofa and Floating Shelves
 Another awesome product by Kirei is their ‘Zen Modern’ board. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw its useable in furniture, cabinetry, casework and other interior design elements.
Kirei Board Surfboard Fins & Earth Coffee Table Pure by Ami McKay Designs

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together and I hope it has brought a glimmer of inspiration to your day!
Until next time remember to surround yourself with imagery that stimulates your imagination and encourages your most vivid dreams!
Sarah Louise x

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  1. I love the Lumicor Wave Panels. A couple of those would look great on the ceiling of our pool deck. Very beachy. Lovely post x


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