Virtual Vacation- Bali

I didn't get to post yesterday, a friend that works for an ad agency
needed mums and kids for the new Australia zoo ad they are shooting,
so we all had the day off to play with snakes, crocks and kangaroos.

But I've packed my bags and I'm ready to take you on the next adventure,
(part 2 of the virtual vacation),
another exotic destination, the lush and tranquil town of Ubud, in the hills
of Bali. I can't imagine a better place to rejuvenate and unplug for a few
days. I'm seriously thinking of making time every day (time...ha) to meditate.
Funny how I know what's good for me but never seem to have time or
effort/inclination to make good habits and break old bad ones! 
Bali, Ubud
This time we're travelling by private jet, because it's a virtual vacation
(pretend) we should milk it for all it's worth.
The yellow car is pretty amazing, I wonder where we will put the luggage?
(above images) 1,2
The very vibrant town of Ubud is About one and a half hour drive from 
Denpensar International airport. It's a beautiful drive into the hills, many stone
sculpture workshops and mind boggling variety of arts, craft and homeware
 manufacturers line the winding road against a deep green backdrop.
(above images) 1,2

We will be staying at the stunning Maya, Ubud Hotel. Perched atop
of a very private ridge between two rivers in the forest. I've stayed
here a couple of times and I'm always happy to come back! It ticks
all the boxes, service, food, yoga, architecture and a fabulous day Spa.
A sketch of the entry into the private Villa with plunge pool. I had
a great time sketching the gardens when Mr S and I stayed here.

I reserved the Petanu Presidential Villa. (only the best for you).
With large living/dining open pavilion that sits above a 15 metre lap pool. 
With two more pavilions with canopy draped beds, overlooking the 
rainforest and river below.
The Spa Villas are located at the bottom of Maya's property, perched
above the river. The attention to detail in the design and decorating
is superb, You will feel completely relaxed and spoilt by the spa staff
as soon as you enter the open welcome villa. You will be asked try and 
choose the oils, creams they will use and the type of herbal bath mix
they add to the canopy covered bath overlooking the rainforest and
ambient river rushing below. (Can you see why I keep coming back?)  

(Above) Itinerary for the next eight days......sigh, (If only it was for real!)

Ubud is the spiritual and yoga hub of Bali, and many spiritual and art
festivals are held here every year, one of these is the Bali Spirit Festival .
 There are many specific yoga retreats in Bali, the Yoga Barn (above picture) 
is an earthy and unpretentious sanctuary set amidst terraced rice paddies 
in Ubud village.  

"The wardrobe" 

Of course the shopping is A-MAZ-ING , everything is super cheap and
you can find some really unique jewellery and homewares. in Ubud village
there is block after block of the cutest boutiques and cafes and I seem to 
find the energy to explore every one of them (a foot massage after helps too). 
(above) Ubud markets, French bookshop and cafe, Clear Cafe  
Relaxed much?

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  1. Count me in... when do we leave!!!!!!?????? LOL

  2. I've been to Bali...but never been too Ubud. I feel like I've had a little taste of it now! Love the wardrobe & the accommodation me in please!
    Melissah from Coastal Style


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