The virtual vacation.....

Pack your bags, because I'm taking you on a virtual holiday! (All expenses
paid of course). I really need a break and I wanted to thank you for following
my blog and leaving all your fabulous comments. So here is your first class ticket
and a goodie bag- I've painstakingly scoured newsagents for your favourite magazines,
there are indulgent sweets, and skin care products that you like among other things!

 We're going to have the ultimate virtual girls weekend away......... lets go!  

We will be staying at the most amazing resort, the Six Senses .  
It sits on the the most incredible rock formations overlooking the East
Vietnam sea, on the dramatic Ninh Van Bay. These exclusive villas have been
designed to be at one with nature but still have that luxurious feel. You will
get a true Vietnamese feel with the traditional style to the resort. Oh and I
almost forgot, it has a spa!

Your going to come home with the most amazing Tailor made silk clothing
made by Vietnam's best tailors in the heritage town Hoi An. We can also
get funky and unique shoes made to order. You must bring back silk lanterns too, 
they make great gifts and they are easily folded down to fit in your luggage. 

A sketch of the Villa we will be staying in, plenty of room for us girls to have
cocktail parties, mixing up our stash of duty free with exotic juices. The fruit juice
is incredible in Vietnam, all the different and exotic fruits and the FOOD! it's to die
for......I think we will have to make up our own aqua aerobics classes in our plunge
pool and early morning yoga classes so we don't leave with extra baggage! 

Because this is a "virtual" vacation I can pack whatever I wish, practical
or not, I'm packing these. Via my dream wardrobe pinterest

Yes I know, but on our holiday we WILL have legs like these and perfect hair
and makeup. So it won't look strange at all, that we see the sights on
a rickshaw dressed like this. image 

images via pinterest Vietnam

Food! glorious Food! In my opinion Vietnam have the best food I have ever tasted. 
Must be the fusion of fresh produce and the French Colonial influence. The variety of 
fresh produce is mind blowing, just wait till you walk through the markets, the colours 
and the smell of herbs are amazing. The only thing that might freak you out is the 
section where they sell dog. (Sorry did I just shatter the daydream). 

I had an awesome time, we should do this more often! I'm already planning for our 
next big "virtual vacation". Another place better than the last, maybe somewhere 
a little more pampering and relaxing and less sight seeing? Don't worry you will 
come back totally relaxed from the next trip, you will be a Zen master, you'll see.
Sarah x         


  1. Why thank you for them gorgeous virtual holiday! Have a great weekend :) Abbey x

  2. Major LOLs... you should definitely treat us to more virtual vacations...god knows I need one!!!! Oh... and that girls legs are just unbelievable... I can't bring myself to shave regularly (blame it on the weather) let alone have them stretching up to my ears like hers do! Erin x

  3. Fantastic Post - love the food, the fashion & accommodation. Vietnam is the latest hotspot. Everyone I know is going or have just been.
    PS I have added you to my blogroll at
    Coastal Style

  4. If you can't have a 'real' holiday then make one up! If I was filthy rich I would take you all for never know.

  5. Well I hope you become filthy rich SOON! I'm ready to go. Love that boat full of flowers. I would love to go to Vietnam!


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