Nail Envy

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I've started to do two days a week helping out on job sites,
as of today. I've been finding the Interior design work a bit
stressful recently and I need to do a bit of mind numbing paid work to unplug for a bit. I enjoy building things and doing manual labour, but downside is the sore mussels, dry hands and shabby nails! 

Apart from that, I enjoyed not having to think to much plus I don't have to go for a run or do gym after a days work. I found some nail and hand envy pics, my hands could look like these.....sigh.   

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Packed yet? Virtual Vacation tomorrow! 
How does 'flying to Bali in a private jet' sound?

Sarah x

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  1. Just about to paint my nails a fun mauve, will see how it goes!


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