This Saturday night we are going to cloudland (my favourite night spot),
for a masquerade themed birthday/going away party. Time to dust off
the sky high heels and find something glittery...might have to practice 
walking in them before. 

French Vogue masquerade ball via here

'Colombina' Jolly mask and the 'Lady Gaga' made by Carta Alta
 cloudland , the perfect place for a masked party

French Vogue masquerade ball via here

The ones that pulled it off.....
Kate Moss Via here

Mary-Kate Olsen, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy  Via here

Sienna Miller via here 


  1. What fun! Those shots from French Vogue are stunning :) Abbey x

  2. Sounds like fun. You'll have to show us your mask. A few drinks will help take your mind off your feet. High heels practically cripple me these days, as I'm so out of practice.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! Hope you had a great time my friend. Love all of your images, very sexy :)


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