....Chips Ahoy!

.....but we'll squash in two more! image

We have temporarily moved onto my Father in law's motor boat,
as keeping our house in mint condition for open houses was taking
a heavy toll. I have to say I'm very relieved, plus it feels like camping
and the kids love it. The only problem is the sleeping arrangement, I 
sleep with the kids in the 'v' birth up the front and Mr S is on the single
bench/bed. I will have to get my act together with the shopping too,
I ended up eating BBQ potato chips for breakfast this morning - I know,
disgusting (And I'm wondering why my jeans are tight).


  1. Wow what an adventure. Even the chips for breakfast sounds good. Good luck with the house Sarah!

  2. what chips aren't a breakfast food??? boo! sounds like a great 'adventure' xxx

  3. Don't worry about those chips. Our recent reno/lack of kitchen facilities meant there were some poor nutritional choices.
    How cool you are living on a boat. The kids must love it! Gret plan to re: keeping the house pristine.


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