I just finished a post on vertical gardens on my HomeBuilding blog, and I was so inspired     by the interior images of the Cloudland Bar, I decided to post more images on 
Squeeze the Juice. It's so over the top and dripping with Tropical glamour 
that it's definitely not out of place on this blog. 

 During the day, soft natural streams into the vast interior.
Dusk is magical as the blueish hue, ambient lighting and lush 
green foliage create a world like no other.
So much to look at, I nearly fell down the stairs
trying to take everything in. If you have a
closer look at the different installations,
you would find intricate features within
features, such as real butterfly's in
resin integrated into 

the balustrade.
One of the private lounges.

I will have to book one of these dining pods for
a meal over a ambient water feature.

So much colour and an assortment of every material
you can think of. All deliciously combined in
spectacular fashion.

Constructing Disney Land for adults.
( Wonder what this man was thinking)

Extensive use of sliced recycled timber 
attached to the walls. It would have been
an amazing project to be apart of.

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