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I just received a lovely email from the gorgeous Louise (pictured above), founder of  
'a pot of tea under a tree clothing exchange' (and clothing label). A bunch of girls got together last Saturday afternoon to help raise money for the charity project futures and had a heap of fun at the same time. I was happy, I came home with some good stuff and didn't have to hide them from hubby, as I wasn't adding to my mountain of clothes, just swapped some instead!

My painting here (that was raffled) went to a good home, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, that I could contribute to a worthy cause. So the money raised from the first two events so far are enough to free eight girls from sexual slavery, and that's an awesome result.
Here is the heart warming letter from Louise-

Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to thank you.
Because of your big heart and wonderful generosity we've be able to make a
big difference in the lives of little girls in Cambodia. Your painting was extremely
thoughtful, beautiful and kind!

Together, we raised enough money to save another 4 girls from sexual slavery.

With March's Under a Tree Clothing Exchange and again on 
Saturday we've been able to impact 8 little girls and counting.

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Once again, Thank you!


Louise and Under a Tree Clothing Exchange Girls xx

that will keep me warm over this freezing cold weekend.

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