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Back in March I went along to the 'Pot of Tea Under a Tree'
Clothing exchange, created by the lovely Louise who owns the
innovative and sustainable fashion label. Louise was first inspired
to start these quarterly events not only for women to get together
for a fun afternoon of tea,music and to renew their wardrobes,
but also to raise awareness and much needed funds to help a very
special woman in Cambodia 'Somaly Mam', free and rehabilitate
young (sometimes very young) girls from the sex trade and
trafficking. Read more about the cause- Project Futures

So you're probably wondering what the painting has to do with it?
Louise inspired me to help in my own creative way, by donating
this painting to be raffled off at the next exchange (in two weeks!).
When Louise spoke about the cause at the last event I was so moved
I couldn't hold back the tears, as she described the life these young
girls and children are subjected to, and the the long road to recovery
for the lucky ones that are freed. Some as young as my daughter (6) 
 are sold into a seedy and oppressive world, childhood taken away.

If you live in Brisbane and you would like to come along for a great
afternoon on Saturday 9th July 2pm-5pm
at New Farm State Primary Hall
tickets $30 
or $35 at the door
Buy here
or donate/shop here
Thanks for your support - Sarah


  1. Good on you for making a difference, Sarah. This is such an important cause, and something that it is far to easy for us to close our eyes to, because it is so hard to hear about. Your painting is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you for that lovely comment Virginia. X

  3. Great cause Sarah and your painting is really lovely. I am sure it will raise a lot of money. Best wishes. ;-)

  4. Your painting is fabulous. I'd love it in my own home. What a generous act, for such an important cause. Well done, and I hope you all raise lots of important dollars.

  5. Good luck Sarah - what a great cause to get involved in. I wish I could attend! Your painting is beautiful! Look forward to hearing about how it all went!


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