Inside The Home Of - Sarah Woods

I am excited to announce that our home is finally finished!!!
and is now officially on the market. I am relieved I won't have to clean up
the layer of white dust that covered everything at the end of each day.

Here are some images of the finished product- our little Pacific Island style
retreat, and it truly feels like a holiday Island we're finished!

Ironically we've gone away for the weekend, so the house is kept tidy for
the open house, and we needed to get away as we've been working on
the house for so many weekends in a row and we need a mini break.

I'm very happy with the end result, for a narrow block of land there is
allot of house (I know because I have to clean all of it). We can make a
mess here at Rumba beach resort, Caloundra and not have to run around
tidying and cleaning up after the kids. 

Hope you like, (I designed the house using 3d studio max program).
I've listed details on my other blog here if you are interested in any of
the products or materials used, or ask me in the comments bar at the
bottom of the post.

fan: fan galleries

fan: fan galleries

huge antique Indian elephant gates from Samsara

the perfect spot for a feather Juju hat from Table Tonic 

For inspection or inquiry contact
 Adam Djordjevic < Place Real estate


  1. Good gracious - this won't last long on the market, I wouldn't have thought. It's stunning! Especially love the antique huge doors, and the way you have mixed in various styles, from a bit of industrial to a very tropical vibe.

    Best of luck and I have my fingers crossed for a great sale for you!

  2. Sarah! WOW! Congratulations to you both, it is PERFECTION! Hope you enjoyed the shizz out of your minibreak - so well deserved! Best of luck with the sale (such a nerve wracking time!).

  3. Thanks girls, now it's a waiting game, yes very nerve wracking.

  4. WOW! AMAZING! Well Done! Erin x

  5. Amazing Sarah - those gates are incredible! Congratulations to the lucky future owners lucky them!


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