.........Resistance is futile

Meet Mr Tweedy! Ok, so I'm a sucker,  but my daughter has been 
pestering us to buy a Guinea pig since before Christmas. I thought
I was clever by telling Santa to bring her ZuZu pets (robotic Guinea pigs).
That worked for a couple of months, then she started back up recently
about getting a 'real' pet. I was perfectly happy with the ZuZu pets, they
were clean, never had to feed them and the batteries would eventually
die along with the strange dolphin noises that they made. But I should have 

known how fickle children are with their toys and the ZuZu's shine wore off.
I don't have to tell you that we caved in, the photo's are evidence of our 
inability keep a united front against the forces of cuteness. So we talked
her into getting a budgie as we both agreed that they were probably the
least stinky, messy, expensive and high maintenance pet around. 
(Apart from a hermit crab).

Inspecting all the cages at the pet shop, I wasn't real keen on
the selection of rather 'uninspiring' cage selection. If Mr Tweedy
was to live inside he must have stylish lodgings. So with the kids
in tow we drove down the road to Freedom furniture to have a look
at their decorative bird cages that are currently in the winter catalogue.
Yippee, the cage was perfect (looking) and very portable as it's easily
moved around the house, so Mr Tweedy is apart of the action. As these
things usually turn out, and never seem to learn my lesson, Mr tweedy gets
out of the 'decorative' cage every day! So it's become a game to find him
every afternoon when we all come home....so much for low maintenance!


  1. haha yes stylish lodgings are a must! Have fun with Mr Tweedy you probably got off lightly!

  2. I always go for style over practicality every time, and pay for it later!


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