.........One more pair

I think I will freeze my credit card. I don't have a problem yet, but I can
see the writing on the wall. I'm going to blame 'Pinterest' for this latest
shoe purchase. Don't get me wrong I love Pinterest it's super fun and it's
a great place to collect inspiration, but it's a real time suck and I see waaay
to many awesome things I want. My pin board entitled 'My dream wardrobe'
is getting rather large and I only created it a couple of days ago. At least these
shoes were a reasonable price and they are so awesome, I love the turquoise
trim and the chunky heel to make it easier when I have to chase my two year
old boy around!  
I love the shoes from Freepeople 
and the summery bits and pieces.
Do You have a Pinterest addiction?

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  1. Do I have a Pinterest addiction? - yeeeeeesssssss. I was all nooo not another place to roam around in and get lost and lose hours of my life in. I clicked of course and now I am very lost (and happy) wandering around all of your fantastic boards. Resistance is very futile with Pinterest. Love your account Sarah (and that shoe purchase!) x


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