......great memories

The weather was surprisingly warm when we
arrived in Sydney, lucky for me as I wasn't
prepared for the cold. I don't have any jackets
with any real warming capabilities.    
Meet up with my Cousin and her Daughter that is
the same age as my Daughter, they hadn't seen
each other since they were two so we were
hoping they would get on well....... 
Needn't have worried they were like two
peas in a pod.

They were too cute together, especially
when they put on a show for us consisting of
numerous costume changes, improv dancing and
lots of unscripted comedy. 
The girls had a fantastic weekend, it was
a great time for the second cousins to bond
over dress ups, sight seeing, fine food
(fish n' chips), Art and theatre
(Mary Poppins the musical). My heart
broke when they were so upset when it was
time to say goodbye.


  1. Great memories and fun times. ;-)

  2. Sounds great. Was the musical good? Worth seeing?


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