......the good the bad & the ugly

                            THE GOOD
                ( Cute little gifts in the goodie bag from the Thea&Sami morning tea)
                    This pretty little fabric card/tea bag holder from Lilly Cottage.

                            THE BAD
                          I was horrified! My diabolical son had decided to
                          redecorate the toy room! The last thing I want to
                                 do on the weekend is pick up all that.

                            THE UGLY
                           I've had a nasty flu for two weeks now, I feel like
                        the woman in this cheezy horror movie poster! I hope
                                             it clears soon I'm over it.


  1. Hi Sarah, lovely to meet you at Theas morning tea. Your toy room looks like ours at times. Hope you are feeling better soon. ;-)

  2. Hi Sarah - Get Well Soon! Don't clean the toy room until you are better! ha


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