......2011 Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

Top left: Designed and constructed by Dean Herald  This garden 
is not just a beautiful display in colour and design, the materials and
productsall have metaphorical messages that take you on a journey
of mental struggle to re-birth.
Top: Designed and constructed by Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes, This stunning
garden has a simple, low maintenance design that would suit families with pets.
Bottom left: Designed by Graeme Altmann, used a mix of retro, recycled and
new elements. Bottom right: Designed by Dean Herald, I love this 'cocoon'
like structure. It's like the perfect place to reflect or meditate. 
Christian Jenkins designed this magical garden, filled with
masses of flowers, birch trees studding carpets of lush lawns.
A winding path leads to this 'capsuel', I would love to build 
something like this one day. 

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