New ventures for Sarah Woods

Stop the press!! News Flash!

Today's post comes with mixed emotions: a little sadness as our Artist in Residence Blogger Sarah Woods (A.K.A Steenland) is spreading her wings to fly to new pastures, but also a lot of happiness as she is following her biggest passion and launching a dream career in Illustration!!
Even though it's tough to say farewell, I do love an excuse for a party! 
Celebrate good times c'mon!

Let's all celebrate and have a party for Sarah!
I truly admire Sarah for having the courage to take a risk and leap into uncharted waters.

I wish her the ultimate success and hope she has a tremendous amount of fun along the way.

Sarah's is creating super, duper fun and exciting connect e-cards that can be sent to family, friends and loved ones for every occasion you can think of and more!

In addition, Sarah also offers her artistic hand and unique approach to assist those with an online business. Her eye-catching pictures are worth a 1000 words, and bring web content to life with an explosive visual element that truly stands out! 

This is such an exciting time for Sarah, please join me in wishing her well with all of your comments! 

To find out more about Sarah's new business and to receive a free weekly fortune cookie, check out her site by clicking on the cookie!

 Squeezed Daily is now my baby exclusively and I promise to continue to provide it with the best T.L.C possible!

There's going to be some awesome new content and cool changes coming your way - please stay tuned and watch this space! The best is yet to come!

All images by Sarah Steenland.


  1. ooh looking forward to reading more
    bec x

  2. Thanks Bec! Squeezed Daily is going to have a little make-over soon. There's going to be some new fun exciting thangs a happen'in! :)


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