Beach Inspired Work Wear at Fashion Week

Last week marked the momentous occasion of my very first Montreal Fashion week! Unsure of how Montreal would compare to the likes of London or Sydney, I have to say I was astounded by the local talent. 

Each of the high energy runway shows presented impressed onlookers with a richly eclectic visual feast. The refreshing designs combined a colourful equilibrium of artful, structural and fluid pieces; in solid block colours and a kaleidoscope of textures, patterns and prints.

One collection that caught my eye especially was 'Body Bag' by Jude Desjardins. Celebrating her 15th year in fashion, Jude's latest creations did not disappoint. Proving she still has 'killer style', the designer sent sexy, surf board yielding, wet suit-clad men sashaying down the runway to compliment her groovy 1960's 'California cool' beach inspired clothing line. 

From office to ocean, her fun work wear aesthetic epitomises urban surfing and perfectly blends a modern casual sensibility with simple sophistication and splashes of beachy charm. The result: bold designs that makes you take notice! A look that I know would be so popular in Australia! 

Check out Jude's designs below. Can you picture yourself in a Body Bag this season? :)

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  1. It looks extremely "wearable" for the upcoming summer...I love the draping silhouettes and the bright colours.

  2. Extremely wearable and comfortably casual with a dash of glamour and a sprinkle of sophistication. #ThePerfectOutfit :)

  3. Hey thanks for all your positive comments everyone. Jude's design's are most certainly the perfect combination of comfortable coastal cool, come city chic!


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