Wonderlicious Fabulous Festive Flavours with a Tropical Twist!

As I peer out of my 14th floor, Montreal apartment window at the snow storm a brew (in what is a top of minus 3 and low of minus 14 degrees Celsius today), I ponder 2 topics; the subject of my next blog post and how my fiancĂ© and I are going to spend our first Canadian Christmas alone without a single relative to share the magic with.

Then it came to me; on Christmas day I shall ignore the predicted blizzard outside and immerse myself in creating the taste of a sweet and sugary, tropical inspired Christmas!
The busier I am in the kitchen, the more distracted I shall be from missing my family, plus there will be a tasty reward at the end!
Warning: these recipes (when combined together) may induce a state of food coma satisfaction.

Firstly, let's start with a festive bevvy -
 Peppermint White Russian
 (not so typically tropical but delicious nevertheless)!
Images & recipe courtesy of a Beatutiful Mess
 I took a stab at making these last weekend and they were a hit! I followed the recipe from 'A Beautiful Mess' but modified it slightly. Here's a few tried & tested tips:
1. Stick with using glass jam jars, they hold the crushed candy cane better than a glass.
2. 2 Parts Baileys, 1 Part Peppermint Schnapps, 1 part Goldschlager (for the cinnamon flavour and gold flakes to help create that magical effect). 

A sweet snack to compliment your cocktail - 
Peppermint White Chocolate Pop Corn
 (Benefits: Yummy and contains no high-fructose corn syrup, artifical colours, flavours or preservatives).
For a tasty table centre piece -
The Virtually Fat Free Xmas Tree
For alternative recipe suggestions visit:
Image Courtesy of Arts Field
Whilst we're talking trees -
Mango Star Topped Strawberry Tree Cupcakes  
Recipe courtesy of Erica's Sweetooth 
Speaking of Strawberries -
Strawberry Banana Santa's
Recipe courtesy of Working Mom Cook Fusion
 On the subject of cakes -
Tropical White Christmas Cake
Trade in the traditional Christmas cake for a colourful, 
exotic dried fruit one!
Recipe courtesy of Canadian Living 
Combining the taste of Canada and Down Under -
Maple-Marinated Tropical
 Fruit Trifle
Recipe courtesy of Chelsea Recipe Club
 A healthier delectable dessert option -
Clean Choc-Mint Ice Cream 
Thank you to Clean Eating Recipes on Facebook for providing us with a healthier Xmas dessert option!

For snacking in between -
Tropical Blend Trail Mix
Take a break from the sugar candy for a moment and replace it with dried fruit, nuts and berries.
More thirst quenching concoctions to keep the party going -

Smirnoff Caprioska
Amazing design by Vinicius Montana. The bottle can be peeled just like real fruit!

 Image courtesy of Vinicius Montana
I hope that no matter how you may be spending your Christmas day, it will be filled with many magical moments and a colourful kaleidoscope of celebrations to be remembered!
Keep an eye out for next weeks post on New Years Eve Blissful Beverages and Curious Cocktail ideas!
Sarah Louise x


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  1. Yum Sarah, If I could pop in for Christmas at your place I would in a heart beat! Especially for the ice cream! Thinking of you guys shivering over there while we are sweltering here in Brisbane. (sorry to rub it in).

    Sarah Woods


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