Defying the Conventional Christmas (in favour of a little tropical inspired magic)!

The festive season is in full swing but if you're anything like me, you might just still be adding the finishing Christmas decor touches to your nest.
Could it be that you're less than inspired with the run-of-the mill bog standard Christmas decor that sits on the merry-less shelves of your local department store?

After spending the majority of my Christmases in Australia, I know that it's not always about dashing through the snow flakes or cozying up by a crackling fireplace. So why does the majority of Christmas decor reflect such traditional themes of winter?
Image courtesy of Imgur
It's time to get creative! If you would rather adorn your home in worship to the sun, sand, sea and fun then please do read on.


Image courtesy of  Beach Grass Shop
 From the depths of the World Wide Web, I have unearthed some beautiful and breezy, bright and cheery tropical inspired Christmas ideas. Proving there are alternatives to a traditional Christmas scene!
Being a designer, it's my job to look beyond the norm and seek alternatives.
So, let's start with defying the conventional Christmas tree! 
Why not go renegade and substitute that ornament-clogged conifer for any of these modern beauties below.
Cost effective and environmentally friendly; make your own tree from driftwood branches. Decorate with fairy lights then adorn with hand made baubles and ornaments, coastal accents, or anything that reflects a tropical inspired Christmas to you.
Image courtesy of Designilike
This simple yet effective plank tree is hand made from recyled wood by Dutch designer Ingrid Jansen of Wood & Wool Stool.
These Driftwood, Birch and Pandan Leaf Trees add a natural element to your decor and can be adorned with lighting, small ornaments or admired for their simple natural beauty.
 Images courtesy of Sea Side Inspired

This bright and cheerful tree is made from fallen branches and spray painted. For a step-by-step guide on how to make your own check out Minagraphy
 Images courtesy of Minagraphy

This Sea Urchin Tree on a pedestal base makes a beautiful statement piece. Included is a small battery operated flickering tea light votive for added beauty and warmth.    
Beach Decor Sea Urchin Tree from
Add some Eastern promise to your Christmas with a striking Bonsai tree. Add mini Christmas decorations to give it a festive finish. 
John Lewis White Glitter Bonsai Xmas Tree

If you are feeling adventurous, try making this colourful festive felt ball tree / garland. To see how visit Small Bird Blog.

A very useful way to display your Christmas cards. Image courtesy of Bright Bazaar.

Created by beach artisans, these coastal white washed Christmas Tree signs are available in 10 shades and topped with a natural white starfish. 
 Or perhaps get crafty and make your own life-size Christmas Tree sign by using MDF or a blank canvas, acrylic paints and stencils. Small pins can be added to hang ornaments from.
Carons Beach House Nautical Starfish Christmas Trees
 Now to decorate your unconventional Christmas tree!
Look for ornaments that reflect island life, treasures from the sea, idyllic summer scenes, tropical breezy or sun-kissed colours. Select items that sit harmoniously together and compliment rather than compete.
These beautiful hand crafted Sea Urchin ornaments by wood turner Ashley Harwood offer natural beauty and a refreshing contrast to conventional ornaments.

Available from  
These pretty Coral Cluster Ornaments with a light dusting of glitter are from Seaside Inspired. They are designed and hand-selected by interior designers, bringing a professional, modern interpretation of the sea.

This fun antique styled shell crusted Santa ornament and wood crafted beach chair are available from The Tropical Store.

Both of these bauble ornaments depict an idyllic summer scene. You can create a lasting memory from your favourite photo with this 3-dimensional acrylic photo sculpture from Zazzle.

The delicate beach chair bauble is made from painted, hand-blown glass set on a bed of sand. Available from The Tropical Store

Add a splash of colour and whimsy with these 'Life Saver' lollie coloured glass flip flops or hand painted abalone shell available from Tropical Breeze Decor and Caron's Beach House 
Last but not least, the mantle piece.
Forget tinsle, a Shell Garland is a highly cost effective way to decorate over a door, window, mantel, arch way or wall opening. Fashioned from assorted shells and natural starfish tied to raffia, you can make one yourself from collecting shells off the beach, or purchase one just like this from Oriental Trading. 

I hope these little inspirations help you to deck your home for the holidays with a unique, tropical theme minus the kitsch.
Stay tuned for next weeks upcoming post on Fabulous Festive Flavours for your Tropical Christmas!
Until then, I'd love to know, how will you be spending your Christmas or how would you like to be spending your Christmas?

Sarah Louise x

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