Blissful Beverages, Curious Cocktails and Absolut Tropical Treats.

 Image Courtesy of Tommy Bahama

Before reflecting on the year that was and making a final commitment to that impending detox, do your senses an indulgent favour and take a step inside this blog post where you will find candy for the eyes, taste buds and the imagination!
Cham-pom recipe courtesy of Daily's Cocktails (add 1 shot of vodka flavour of your choice).

An entire exciting new year is ahead of us and the possibilities are plentiful, much like the ever-seemingly endless flavour innovations of Smirnoff and it's rival ABSOLUT vodka .

Image Courtesy of Tommy Bahama
Through creative brand architecture, packaging design, iconography and innovation, Smirnoff has become not only the No. 1 vodka, but also the world’s No. 1 spirit.

In addition to their ever-growing list, Smirnoff has launched 4 new scruptious flavours just in time for the holiday season!
For some sweet sassy Smirnoff recipes click this image.
Being a designer, traveller, adventurer and a creative cocktail maker (with an entrepreneurial spirit), I am utterly impressed by ABSOLUT's truly unique approach to their artistic design branding and clever, yet original advertising campaigns.
Enter the world of ABSOLUT - a mesmerising, circus-like splendour where the trend is to forever outdo in the stakes of eclecticism and obscurity (think Willy Wonka for adults).
Available in nearly any flavor you can possibly imagine and an array of varying designs (many of which are limited edition), there is one thing that will always remain the same; the iconic 'medicine bottle' design of the vodka bottle itself shining in all its decedent glory. Ladies and gentleman, I give you ABSOLUT.

Cherry Blossom Tini recipe by Alan Katz (substitute the saki for a vodka flavour of your choice).
Egg Nogg Shooter recipe courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess

In an effort to continuously push the envelope, ABSOLUT has created nearly 4 million absolutely unique bottles, as a one-of-a-kind work of art. In order to produce these bottles, 38 different colours were used, 51 pattern types were applied and ABSOLUT had to re-engineer its whole production process! Impressed yet?

ABSOLUT BERRI AÇAÍ SOUR. Click image for recipe.

For over 500 inspirational cocktail recipes to take with you wherever you go, download the ABSOLUT iPhone or Android App.

Peach Party Champagne recipe courtesy of Daily's Cocktails (add 1 shot of vodka).

Cranberry Cheertini recipe courtesy of Daily's Cocktails (add 1 shot of vodka).
Image courtesy of Deviant Art
Passionfruit Champagne recipe courtesy of Australian Good Taste 
*Warning all alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation. Excess consumption is never a good look and can be harmful to your health.
For mixer options or virgin cocktails try:
IZZE Sparkling Juice is naturally sweet. No refined sugar, no caffeine, no artificial anything, ever. Just natural fruit juice and sparkling water. Naturally Delightful.
DOO is a new fruit "smoothie" . The meaning of the name comes from the french word "doux" which means "sweet" in English.

Fuelosophy was launched by Pepsi with the proposition "rethink your energy source", it is their first natural and healthy energy drink. 
So are you thirsty yet?
As the New Year flows in...
May you soar ever higher...
Reach greater heights...
Be spoiled by sweet surprises...
And find happiness in everything you do!


  1. Dayum Sarah! Now I have a hankering for tropical Vodka...of all things!


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