Postcards from Magnetic Island

We have relocated from Brisbane to the magnificent Magnetic Island, aka 'Maggie Island'. I've been so busy leading up to the move that poor 'squeezed daily' should be renamed 'squeezed whenever-I-get- a-spare-second'  hmm, it's probably just as catchy?

Named by Captain Cook, the Island was named 'Magnetic Island' because the compass went wild as they sailed past. A must stop destination for backpackers, (the full moon parties held here are infamous) the Island is mostly well known for the most amazing boulders that are piled everywhere and make the most amazing headlands that meet the sea. We've taken to exploring and climbing all over these every afternoon, cheap entertainment and good exercise too. I may have to buy more shorts for the kids soon, they have holes already!

I'm sure we're going to love living here on our little boat, not sure how the Summer will treat me though, I'm putting in my order early for air-conditioning for sure! I will send more postcards soon, I've taken so many Insta-photos already - Sar x


  1. well isnt THIS fun :)) cant wait to hear more island adventures!

  2. How fun does THIS on a boat on magnetic island! Look out captn Cook!

  3. I just assumed you were on holidays there! I didnt know you'd moved there - how exciting :)

  4. Enjoy! I'm a Townsville girl and have many fond memories of Maggie Island.


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