Plants Hanging Around - Hanging Pots

Macrame hanging pots are back! A little less 'nana' now, hanging pots modern makeover make indoor plants a unique focal point in any space. The different styles and colours available are endless, or you could make your own with the simple DIY projects below.

peaches planters via the design files

cardboard hanging pot via weekday carnival 

double macrame pot holder via real living 

mini macrame plant hanger earrings etsy

mini ceramic hanging pot via infmetry

DIY pot holder via refinery29

hanging cradle pot via etsy


  1. i remember the fashion a long time ago. the earing is funny!

  2. hi Sarah! i just love your blog!!!
    everything is so fresh and inspiring:) i am finally back after a long break due to my divorce...
    love the pots above! you guys are living a completely different life down there. how is your "winter" at all?

    hugs, Nicole


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