A Burst of Color

Guest post by Jessica, Arcadian Lighting. 

Hello! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for beautiful, affordable lighting fixtures. Every day I get to search for interior design inspirations and then share them on lovely blogs. Like Squeezed Daily. Thank you for letting me stop by today. Sarah! I'm delighted to be guest posting on a blog that features such brilliant colors because color can have an amazing effect on a room. If you want to create an energetic, happy atmosphere, try decorating at least one room with bursts of color. I hope these rooms inspire you!
Color Burst
The pale avocado green use throughout this hallway is perfectly luminous and enchanting. Such an unexpected color will help give new life to any room.
Color Burst
A bright color doesn't have to completely dominate a room. The orange archway adds
 a brilliant burst of color that's quirky and playful.
Color Burst
There's no better place to look for colorful inspiration than in nature. These floral photographs completely transform the room. The emerald green table lamp really 
pops against white wall.
Color Burst
A few splashes of coastal yellows and turquoise can transform a neutral bedroom into
 a relaxing paradise. The fresh flowers and greenery add a beautiful natural touch.
Color Burst
A single vibrant shade is all you need, as illustrated with this casual, yet chic bedroom. 
Subtle pops of orange imbue the room with a tropical feel.
Color Burst
A few scattered cushions in bold citrus and aqua shades enliven this simple dining nook. 
A pair of rustic pendant lights suspended by ropes add a bit of a nautical theme.
Color Burst
Colorful artwork is a simple way to play with the effect that color can have on a room. 
If something doesn't work, you're not stuck with it forever.
Color Burst
Decorating a room with varying shades of the same color will help add depth and visual interest. From artwork, to fabric to patterns, this living room is filled with a warm, inviting orange. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which of these colorful rooms is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And be sure 
to stop by. 

Written By Jessica, Arcadian Lighting


  1. Love the turquoise bedroom :) very dreamy

  2. love the dining nook! exudes a pleasant summer vibe :) http://www.housenet.com.au/


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