Back to the "Real" World

Hello! I got back from the 10 day Vipassana retreat on Sunday and it's taken me till Wednesday to start getting back into technology ie: blogging, mobile phones etc. I was a great opportunity to unplug from the fast pace and information overload, I didn't realize how full on it all really is till you spend 10 days without laptop, mobile, no reading or writing materials and not uttering one word to anyone till the 10th day.   

I wasn't planning on saying too much about what I experienced or what I got out of it, but after completing the full 10 days, if I can inspire at least one person to make time for and be open minded throughout the course, then it's a good thing! I'll be brief I promise....

The leap
The hardest part was actually getting to start it, I'm married with a 3 and 7 year old, one in school the other I have full time with me. I'm also currently studying, building a website on home building and decorating so I had plenty excuses not to go. All you need is someone that fully supports you and knows when you need to start taking care of yourself, I'm so lucky to be married to an amazing man.....(misty eye moment).

The Discovery 
-Not speaking for 10 days was the easy bit
-it's not just for hippies
-I can survive without dinner
-it is possible to live from moment to moment
-it is possible to sit for 1 hour without moving 
-that your mind needs to exercise to stay healthy
-that Buddha was awesome 
-that there is a very easy way to become free from misery and to be happy for real. 

The reality 
On the last day when we were allowed to speak I got to share the experience had 
with others, it was quite amazing how different everyone looked, so happy and
contented, I got used to seeing everyone with an expressionless faces for so long, 
so that was an eye opener how easily we pass judgement on others. 

Of course, after such a big heigh I had to come down and the result was  the shock 
of coming back home and having to switch my mind back onto the day to day chores 
and work that have not magically disappeared while I was gone. It's the same feeling 
when you get back from holidays, having to cook, clean, drive, work, all the fun stuff 
after you haven't had to do it for so long. I'm determined to not undo all the good that 
has come from the course, so I'll keep living from moment to moment till things settle 
and I get back in the groove. It will be interesting to keep applying this truly amazing  
technique to my life and observe how things unfold, and we'll  just see what happens.... 


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time Sarah and what a wonderful, supportive hubby you have. xx

  2. After coming out of my 3 months vipassana retreat, I didn't watch TV for almost a year (didn't have a blog yet). Not knowing what to expect I thought I would miss my life a lot, get bored etc., but these then were just mind states to observe. And it was so interesting. I have great respect for anyone who unplugs themselves, especially when they have a family like you do. To shift the focus from outer to inner is a beautiful and wonderful thing!


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