A Little Retreat

Hello! Squeezed Daily will be quiet for the next 10 days.....I'm heading to the Sunshine 
Coast Hinterland for a 10 day meditation retreat. I'm not sure what to expect, but 
I know for sure it won't be a holiday resort like the one above that I sketched when
I was last in Bali, Ubud. The biggest challenge will be that you're not allowed to talk
for the entire time!.......if I'm back before the beginning of next month it means I've 
bombed out and couldn't hack it. Wish me luck and I'll be back soon!


  1. Good gracious. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the fabulousness of this sketch, or by the possibility of even being able not to talk for 10 days.

    Enjoy, relax, rest and come back all zoomed up and ready to roar. Or simply at peace, whichever is more preferable! xx

  2. i love your drawing! enjoy the peace.

  3. You'll enjoy it!! I once took a meditation retreat for 3 months (no talking, nada). One of the best things I ever did for myself. Go for it!!

  4. Have fun :)

    My goodies arrived today!!! Thank you so much. They smell amazing!!! I quickly had to put them back in the box as I am in an open plan office and was affraid that all the geeky IT boys would come to my desk for a sniff *shy*

    Thanks again for such an amazing giveaway!


  5. Hi Sarah, I just popped over from B is Building a house. Hope you are having a fabulous time at your retreat. xx

  6. Hi Sarah, all the best at your retreat - I'm sure you will come back totally recharged!


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