Pandanus- the Aussie palm tree

Done some sketches of pandanus trees around the resort, which
got me thinking about how they manage to evoke a tropical feel
despite these trees dry and 'cactus like' appearance. No Australian
beach or beach house would be complete without one of these 
majestic plants. They are such an interesting tree to sketch and
 paint, with all the arching branches and unruly leaves, I will never 
grow tiered of this Australian coastal icon. 
Art by Kelli Mac. Beach Pandanus, acrylic on canvas. via here

Vintage sketch via here
edible fruit 
Pandanus ripened fruit fallen from the tree 
Aborigines have woven the fibres from the Pandanus tree 
for thousands of years. via here

Sculpture by Fiona Hall. Pandanus, Aluminium, tin. via here

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  1. I love these trees we don't have them down South so it makes them even more special!
    Melissah from Coastal Style


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