Fraser Island

I'm having my overdue annual "me-cation" at Kingfisher Bay Resort
on the A-mazing Fraser Island. If you ever come to Queensland, I highly
recommend Kingfisher Bay Resort. It's so chilled here, on the largest sand
Island in the world. Lucky for me, Mr S has let me spend a few days on my 
own, while he looks after the kids, so I can indulge in narcissistic heaven. 

To take long walks and sketch and paint as I go. It's also really nice to spend a few 
days to wake up when I want and to do anything when it suits me! Selfish? of course!, 
but it's only for a few days and I'll come back fresh and shiny!

Believe it or not, this is a lake! Freshwater Lake McKensie. 

Marvelling at all the flora and fauna here.

Enjoying soaking up vitamin D and chill'n

Ambient board walks.

The resorts Eco apartments blend in to the natural vegetation.

Hoping to post some sketches and paintings when I produce the goods!


  1. Looks fantastic Sarah! Enjoy :)
    Abbey x

  2. Idyllic! Enjoy - I wish I was there. x

  3. Enjoy your lovely relaxing time out
    Melissah from coastal Style


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