Edible Art

Caught this Squire last weekend, and was admiring the subtle colours
 and bright blue spots on it's scales. Mr S and the squids went to shore
and play on the sand hills, so I decided to make good use of some "me"
time. I really enjoy painting or sketching when I get a spare moment,
and I had the fish as a study to paint. 

It was interesting to watch the blue spots and the subtle purple slowly
disappear before my eyes. I took a few close up photos of the fish,
so I could copy the blue/purple.  
Painting the eyes and mouth, I felt really guilty for catching him as he
 looked sad. I think I captured that in the painting, I was trying to make
it expressionless, he looks sad doesn't he?
...He didn't die in vain, he was painted, then was my dinner last night.
( Yes, I need to see someone to work through my "fishy issues"! )


  1. Oh Sarah you are a girl after my own heart! I have to make sure every last bit of an animal or fish is used up or I fell guilty that they died. (My husband thinks this rather amusing, but my children feel the same way.)

    Now to your painting! You are TALENTED girl! I cannot express how much I love this painting, and yes, he does have a sad and worried look but he is also so very beautiful. Virginia x

  2. Hello! I just and I mean that- just re-listed your blog on my Aussie blog roll!
    Amazing! Thank you for your comment, I don't feel like such a freak.
    Sar x

  3. LOL poor fish... but at least you painted him before you ate him! AND your painting is FANTASTIC! Most fish don't get that type of farewell... Erin x


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