I've recently started to drink coconut water and use coconut oil,
as I've herd good things can happen to your body when you do, 
(plus all the hot celebrities are doing it so it must be good...right??).

Googling all things of the coconut kind, I'm in awe of all the things 
you can do with this ultimate tropical nut, the many recipes, drinks,
natural remedies and all the many home wares that are made from 
the amazing coconut. Some of them are.......

Coconut prawns- salty, sweet, golden and crunchy. Recipe: food gawker 
Coconut chicken, I really really wish I could cook looking at these 
coconut and chicken combos: food gawker  

Love this this coconut chandelier $298.60 AUD west elm
The amazing coconut oil: so many uses and it's a all rounder when it
comes to health and beauty as I just discovered. You can use it on your
hair (hair mask), moisturiser on your face: instructions via pineapplemint
also good to apply on cuts, rashes, skin irritations etc. I've tried to eat it
strait from the jar when I was training for the world 24hour mountain 
bike champs, but I couldn't stomach it. Better in cooking and on salads.

Eco tip: check the label to make sure the oil isn't from a palm plantation
in Malaysia,  the endangered Orangutan's forests are being cleared to make 
way for palm plantations, ask  someone at a  heath food store about where
the coconut products come from. 

I'm love'n the coconut water at the moment, tastes good, low in
sugar and carbs plus the cocobella carton looks good! in this It's one 
of the fastest growing new food category in the UK probably due to 
investment by Coco-cola, PepsiCo and Madonna. Coconut water is 
from the young coconut and differs from coconut milk, the fattier 
pulped coconut meat.

coconut margarita recipe: Martha Stewart cocktail hour 

Latest fad? hyped new super food?  No matter... it's new home will
be beside my jar of Goji berries and packet of Chia seeds!  


  1. I got into Chai seeds... but my problem is I get excited by these new discoveries (which, aren't so new) but unless I absolutely love what I'm eating (such as olive oil, advocado, half a tim-tam with a glass of red)I tend to lose interest... Erin x

  2. I love the smell of coconut. I want a great perfume that smells like a suntan oil/coconut. I don't like the taste of it though.

  3. I love coconut chilled cut from a freshly cracked coconut - I only do it Queensland though.
    Melissah from coastal Style

  4. I love drinking the water, but I'm finding the oil a bit yuck, so I have to camouflage it with yogurt etc in my musli.


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