In the press

A nice surprise for a fine Saturday morning, our house made the 
Courier Mail 'house of the week'. Plus a cover shot for the Property
section! Hopefully it gets allot of people at the open house today. 
Only two more weeks till action!!! (September 3rd 11am). 
Getting excited and nervous, fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Great front cover & story, best of luck with the auction my fingers will be crossed. KP

  2. Good on you! Looks Amazing! Erin x

  3. Thanks ladies, when it's sold I will relax.

  4. Hello- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love it when other countries share their inspirations and I'm happy to do the same. Congrats on the cover of the magazine. So great! Teri

  5. Congrats that must feel rewarding Sarah! The place looks amazing of course. Can't wait to hear about auction!


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