.....Wednesday pick-me-up

Just lots of little fiddly things to get done today, and I was so close to
driving back home after dropping the boy at daycare. It took all my will
to turn the wheel the other way in the office direction. But anyway that's
why they call it a hump day.(unless it means doing something naughty?).
What always fires up the inspiration engine when I open the laptop......
having a look-sie at what others have been pinning over at Pinterest . I have
to look, just in case I miss out on repining some inspiration for my boards.
I totally justify time spent doing it, my mantra is 'it's all for my blogs'.
As awesomely fun as it is, looking for inspiring images, it's the getting 
 'sucked in' bit that's not real good. I have to make up the time somewhere
in the day - my solution....... staying up till 1am (not good). Check out
the post on pinterest controversy over at shrimp salad circus, interesting.
Some colourful distractions I've been playing with this morning .....
Image Via  becauseimaddicted.net
Happy fresh lillies I bought yesterday

some things that I would rather like right at this moment

eyeing off - nice and bright transport for all my 'stuff' loftinsoho.com
I painted these jack fruit (s) from a photo taken when we
toured Vietnam, not a good photo of the painting.
I love all that's going on in this image, that armchair...wow.
Hope you have a great 'hump day' - however you
interpret that.


  1. Love these seriously bright colours - and yes, so easy to lose too much time perusing the fabulous pinterest....know what you mean!

    Especially love that pink dress - whoa that's a traffic-stopper!

  2. I too can spend some serious time browsing pinterest! Lovely images :) abbey x

  3. Oh my goodness Sarah that is an amazing painting. I thought it was a photo at first. That large leaf looks incredible. Love that last image. I try to stay away from browsing Pinterest there is not enough hours in the day for all of these pursuits!


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