......New camera

I'm excited, I've finally bought myself a decent camera.
As I'm a newbie on the blog scene, I quickly noticed my
photos weren't cutting the mustard. I ended up buying a
Canon rebel DSLR after much procrastination, and asking
other bloggers what they have. So I hope to take some
good photos of interiors soon. This will be me, sneaking
around in the grass for that perfect shot.

And maybe I will be able to come up with a stunning table scape
images like this one.....
 Tutorial here: ishtarolivera.com


  1. Congratulations! And thanks for the tutorial link. Can't wait to see your new efforts!

  2. I love my Canon. I have the British equivalent of yours i think. But what really i love about lots of my photos is my prime lens. 1.8 50mm. Awesome for faces and most items. Not quite so great for big spaces and whole rooms but you have a kit lens for that. xx


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