Queensland Homes

I just found Queensland Homes magazines site/blog while looking for landscaping inspiration, so as usual I became side tracked by these lovely images....now I'm going to change into some daggy clothes start shovelling some soil into the garden beds. I will post up the garden progress when there is something to take a picture of. Images from Queensland Homes

Don't you just love that nook with the rustic cabinet in it!

Sarah x


  1. Ah Sarah you and me both in the daggy gardening clothes today! I am already sporting old jeans and a favourite old country road jumper, about to pull on the wellies and head out into the quagmire that is our garden at the moment. A few days of sunshine this week and the jonquils think it is spring already!

    Do post the pictures when you are done - I would love to see.

    Love that artwork in the second image - very colourful.

    Happy shoveling! Who needs a gym when you have a garden, hey?


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