....Garden inspiration

We Love going to Bali for a Holiday, and our favourite
place to stay is at Maya Ubud in the lush hills of Ubud.
We wanted to try and get that lush tropical look for our
garden, so I sketched and photographed the stunning
landscaped grounds of the Maya Hotel. Below is a Heliconia
plant that grow up to metres! The Flowers are amazing and
come in so many colours. Just google Heliconia and see.
Sketch by Sarah Woods (me)
Gardens of Maya
Ghost Bamboo, grows to around 10 metres.
I chose this bamboo for screening up the side
if the house. It has a broad dark green leaf
with an attractive blueish grey pole.
Heliconia Caibebaea Jacquinii.
I'm in a bit of agony today after digging
holes and shoveling mulch, time for a
Radox bath!


  1. Yah for Bali and Ubud in particular. It's lovely isn't it? You are lucky you can replicate such a lush tropical garden!

  2. woops - I just did a double take at that sketch and realised it was by you - oh my goodness Sarah you are really talented. You should sell on Etsy (did I mention that before) - really!

  3. Gardening is such good exercise. Love your tropical gardens.


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