The "Tree House"

On our travels we've appreciated buildings and interiors
and gathered ideas from each holiday destination and
tried to incorporate a few ideas from each destination.
Our First home, we built almost entirely ourselves with
a little help here and there from our fantastic family.
Obviously BC (before  children).

We built our first home on Kingsley Tce. Manly
Brisbane.  My design wish was to have a  
                  "Tree House". 

My awesome husband is always up for a challenge
(he married me after all) was happy to let me indulge 
in my outlandish design taste.

Original 3D visualisation, I think this was one of the first 3D visuals I had done. It was great to have a 3D
model of the design, as there were allot of angles and 
a variety of finishes and materials. 
(That's the bum end of my red Morris Minor).............. 
Loved that car!

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  1. I love the bathroom and all the shimmering tiles!


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