My Tropical Hideaway

It's true, if you are married to a builder your home will never be finished. Well it applies to me that's for sure.
And when the home finally is completed, it's because we
are putting it on the market and that means I get to enjoy
 a completed home till it sells. Does this bother me?

I try not to let bother me because after all, doing all the finishing off jobs saves you allot of money. But looking
at all the unfinished bits and pieces every day is starting
to give me a nervous twitch. And the list on the fridge of
things to be done isn't getting shorter fast enough.

When people come and visit, the tour of the house is
usually a pantomime show as I attempt to describe 
what the end result will end up looking with dramatic
arm actions.

Wow, I really needed to get that off my chest. 
Ok rant finished.The REAL reason I created this blog is
to share my (our) creations and my passion for all things with a tropical vibe.

                               Hope You Enjoy!

         .................and I promise to be more upbeat in the next post.
      Have any renovating or building stories? I'd love to hear them.

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