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Curious about Cuba?

Whilst currently adventuring through North and Central America, it dawned on me that I have yet to share any of my many amazing tropical travel experiences with Squeezed Daily's readers!


I've decided it's time to take my coastal cohorts on an adventure to Central America, where commercialism has been traded for conversation and comradeship. 

Come along and free yourself in the largest of all of the Caribbean Islands and become immersed in the colourful, friendly and vivacious little colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba. 


In an island frozen in time but rich in tradition, warmth and hospitality, Trinidad remains intrinsically beautiful, colourful and alive.

Set dramatically between mountain range and gorgeous coastline, its streets are awash with colour - the entire spectrum represented in a stretch of shining immaculately restored buildings, revolutionary murals and lovingly nurtured vintage cars. 

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Equally nurturing are the Cuban families who welcome you to their homes when you opt to stay in a 'casa particular', the only form of accommodation in Cuba other than a hotel. 

Taking the place of materialism, music and dance are the very essence of Cuba. Traditional Spanish & African rhythms in the form of jazz, rhumba and salsa belt out through live open-air concerts held on the steps fronting the Casa de la Música. 

Foreigners and locals unite to dance and dine on street food galore from market stalls lining the cobble stone streets. This crazy scene encapsulates the joyous, carefree nature that Cubans are famous for.

Modern beats are found in Cuba’s most unique night hot spot Disco Ayala. Existing deep down underground, within a hill side cave, a play of colored light and shadow cascades over the eccentrically shaped stone interior to a musical concoction of hip-hop, reggaeton and salsa-disco. 

Image Source: Flickr

Keep cool with a Mojita (Mint Rum Julip) or a Canchanchara - the special "aphrodisiac" cocktail of the region made from lemon juice, honey and rum.

By day enjoy a slower pace of life. Wander through the plethora of museums dedicated to architecture, traditional furnishings, art, archaeology and revolution. Soak up the backdrop of mule-drawn carts as they clip-clop through the traffic-free streets. 

Pass by children laughing and playing whilst the old folk’s rock gently beneath their shaded porches. Be sure to chat with the Cuban people who are famous for being educated,  communicative, spontaneous and happy.


The dense cultural fiesta of Cuba evokes images of a decadent era now forgotten. No other Western nation offers such unique experience. The “real” Cuba may leave you enlightened and somewhat confused. With an open mind you’ll most probably fall madly in love with the country, while being thankful you don’t have to live in it. 

With such uncertainty to whether socialism will survive in the inevitable post-Fidel future, now is the time to celebrate Cuba’s bygone era and embrace its mystery and charm before it’s too late.   

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”
~ Cesare Pavese ~

Travel bug bitten you yet? Watch this space for more tropical travel destinations from around the globe!

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  1. Ooo! We went to Cuba last year for a week but just stayed in Havana. Trinidad looks gorgeous.

  2. These gorgeous photos certainly do make me want to experience trinidad..very, nice!

  3. These gorgeous photos certainly do make me want to experience trinidad..very, nice!

  4. Sou Portuguesa e estou a pensar visitar cuba, adorei a seleção de fotografias.

  5. Thank you and obrigado for your comments. Cuba is a truly wonderous place to visit and a very rewarding trip to make. This country puts life into perspective. The people of Cuba don't need material items to give them enjoyment. Their love and appreciation of music, dance and the importance being with family is what makes it especially amazing. I shall never forget witnessing an extended family singing and playing the guitar around a table in an outdoor patio bar. I watched their children dance and play so joyfully along side them. The bar owner did not try to stop them, other patrons sat watching and enjoying it along with them. They were free to express themselves. Free to be happy.

  6. Gorgeous pictures I am from El Salvador and would love to visit the rest of Central America. Not to mention I can't wait til the US embargo is lifted to travel to Cuba. Cuba has been a lifelong dream!! Thanks for taking us along.


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