Trend Spotting: Marbled Home Décor Swirls into Spring!

Send ripples through your interior
this Spring by 'marbleizing' your home (and wardrobe)!

Dress by Stella McCartney
More than just a design trend, the beautiful ancient art of marbling is enjoying a well-received revival this year.

Vase by Caleb Simeon, Swirl rug by Paul Smith, Resin Vase by Room and Board

More popular now than it has ever been before in its 1000-year history, this unique artistic process has continued to evolve and further develop into an infinite variety of patterns and colour combinations that have leapt back into the worlds of fashion and home décor!

 Coasters by Jonathan Adler

Accessorizing with marbleized elements is an easy way to add colour to an outfit or give your home a fresh Spring time boost.

Image source: Smashly Sparkles
Now surfacing in the form of accessories such as cushions, lamps, trays, vases, wall paper and art prints, this classic decorative technique combines a kaleidoscope of bright colors, vivid swirls, organic shapes and undulating textures.
  Light fitting by Pia Design
Colour Yourself Happy!
Image source: Fabulous Mag
Create Waves with Colour
Umbrella by Paul Smith
Go Marbles over Marbled Décor
Clay marble set by ABC Home
Tri-Colour Texture, Pattern & Print
Print by Destiny Womack
Mesmerising Motifs
Kevin O'Keefe throw pillow for ABC Home
  Twist & Twirl!

Image courtesy of (find similar wall paper by Paper Mojo)
Simply Swirl into Style

Lanterns by MC & Co.

Be Playful & Pretty

Dress by Marit Fujiwara, Wall Paper by Paper Mojo

 Go Bold, Bright & Beautiful

Florentine Scatter Cushion available from Etsy

For more information and tips on how to incorporate marbled products into your home visit my column at: Montreal HOME 













  1. Have always loved marble effects - I do so hope it won't be done to death though, so we all groan when we see it - because it is so very beautiful, with so many variations. How stunning that Stella McCartney outfit is - a show-stopper. x

  2. Gives a luxurious twist to bright colours-
    Great post,

    Sar x

  3. Simply gorgeous!

  4. These are some really great designs, they really add your own style to things. Its one of the reasons I find limited edition art to add so much to a room.

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