Scandi Coast Style

I'm completely parched! I didn't drink nearly enough water on my run this morning and I 'm paying for it this Friday afternoon. Sipping on my iced water cruising through some of my favourite blogs, it was only natural that the thumbnail from Scandi Coast Home stopped me in my tracks! 

I think Tania has the right idea for this scorching weather we're having here. 

Happy Hour has officially started.... need a drink to warm you up or cool you down?

Posted by Sarah Woods


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I'm very relaxed right about now......
    Cheers! ;O)
    Tania xx

  2. Thanks for the inspiration and the insider tip on discounted booze! :P

    Sarah x

  3. I haven't popped into your blog for a while (it never seems to come up in my reader, strangely) but my goodness how fresh and fabulous this is all looking. The header image is so very beautiful, and I really enjoyed reading about the "other Sarah" and her adventures, as well as getting a great update on your life, which is absolutely the epitome of an adventure. I so admire you for that. Grabbing life with both hands.

    So yes, a well deserved Happy Hour I reckon! xx

  4. Right now on the Island of Montreal we're sipping mulled wine and hot ice-apple cider. In London, they're drinking Hot Toddy's and soon-to-be egg nogg! 4 reasons to love winter! ;)

  5. Hope you are coping with all of that hot weather Sarah - send a bit down our way please - it's far too cold for summer!

    Melissah from Coastal Style


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