HApPy HoUr

Hey all, yep it's been a while I know. Disgraceful actually, as my last post was me coming back all guns blazing and then......crickets chirping for 5 weeks! 

I have had a post I've been working since then, but it's one of  those kinda posts that is a bit.....exposing, as in probably waaaay to much info for you all. So I thought I'd use my Friday Happy hour post to get you tipsy and prepare you for  the one I've been chickening out from publishing.

In the mean time, I've chosen a good one from my pinterest Happy Hour board, pinned via Better Recipes.

Lime Sherbet Margaritas  

Sounds simple enough....firstly, blend the sherbet with fresh 
lime juice and a bit of powdered sugar, tequila and a splash 
of triple sec.

1 pint lime sherbet
Juice of 2 limes
1/3 cup powdered sugar
8 ounces tequila
4 ounces triple sec
2 cups ice cubes

Put it all in blender, and blend until frothy. Enough for four -
(if you intend to share- hehe). 


  1. Great to see you back!!!

    Hope it's nothing too serious <3

    Have an amazing weekend!


  2. THANKS! Nope, nothing serious, that was just me overdramatising as usual :)
    Hava great weekend B x. ps I'll have to check out what you've been up to.


  3. Oh that looks delish and refreshing :)


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