Put the Love in the Coconut

I think the last time I had brand new sheets was the 10 sets I got for our wedding gifts, that was over 7 years ago. Yep, I'm totally convinced now, I need pillowcases with 'PUT THE LOVE IN THE COCONUT' all over them! The boat would look much happier with these too don't you think.....

I've admired all the creative goodness produced by Rachel Castle for a while, who could miss her trademark colourful phrase on pillowcases, towels and clothing and there are new things too, like the fruity velvet cushion covers and quilt covers, which I love. For more visit Castle

How awesome are these Gorman&Castle T-shirts and singlets!
double piped velvet cushion covers in fruity colours
yes, you will be mine! cue evil laugh...
Hand printed artwork by Rachel Castle and handstitched one-off embroideries also by Rachel and her mother Jillain Patching, what a team they make.  you can purchase Castle goodness online at Castle and things.com 


  1. I love the happy prints. Sheets are sooooo expensive at least here in the US. I would love a few new sets.

    Seems like we both have coconut on the mind. I have a coconut themed post myself. :)

  2. What a happy post! We are obsessed with color and this post made us smile!


  3. I love the bright and happy colors! Great post :)

  4. Just ordered my cases, can't wait to have coconut dreams....

    Sara x


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