Shower Curtains For Bathroom Feature

I'm a huge fan of the shower curtain, I think they can give a bathroom so much character and soften an overall cold hard look that tiles can give to a bathroom. While I was parusing through the shower curtains on Anthropologie online store, I realised that not one of the new homes that I have interior designed have had a shower curtain, hundreds of homes, not one curtain? Clients would just not go there, are they just not practical ? 

I have had some clients choose curtains before when they renovated their home, mainly to keep the cost down by replacing the old one for a nice new one. Does a shower curtain have no business being in a new home? what do you think about shower curtains, thumbs up or down?   I'm a big could I not, just look at these gorgeous things!!!  
Flamenco Shower curtain $118
Sculpted Mums Shower Curtain $118

Flamenco Shower Curtain $118

Crocheted Arches Shower Curtains $69.95 (was $128)

And we can't forget,  Anthropologie bathmats, towels and bathroom accessories:

1. Winding vines bathmat $68  2. Ojai soap dish $12    3. The chemists jar $28
4. Monkey see trinket drawer $28    5. Joane towels $8-$36    6. Mountain peaks bath baskets $48-$88     7. Keepsakes & curiosities $18-$42

available through Anthropologie online  


  1. i agree..but think most wouild NOT want a shower curtain. as much as i love simple modern interiors, cleaning glass doors is a big NO WAY for me..and unless you have a walk in shower with no doors, i say pop of fun is always a good thing!

  2. How beautiful! I like the ruffled and colourful ones. Enjoy the lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. Shower curtains for bath room are featured here. Have a look at it



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