Inside the home of - Designer Heidi Middleton

Don't you just love having a sneak peak inside the homes of creative people? The home of Heidi Middleton, creative director and head designer at Sass & Bide definitely dose not disappoint. This magnificent home is filled with amazing unique pieces and inspiration, I'm sure the creative fire is fed well in such an atmosphere! I just had to share these images I came across via Tales of endearment, check out all the images of the home taken by Natalie Joos, and read the cool story of her visit too. Over at Tales of endearment.


  1. Gorgeous images :) Love the style!

  2. Possibly not surprisingly, it looks rather like the Sass and Bide clothing style: flamboyant, sexy and a bit eclectic. I wonder if that is always the case for clothing designers? An interesting thought.

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