Did you Win?

Congratulations to the following winners!!!!

I heart sunny days -
Indian tribal necklace

B is building a house -
India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Bath Salt 
and Casuarina scented Treasure Box

Sealaura - 
Sea Coral in Turquoise by Kerri Shipp, Driftwood Interiors.

I would have posted up the winners earlier today, but I've been stuck in a hospital for 
hours waiting to get my daughter's broken arm plastered up....I'm sure I've caught a
virus from there too.....yippee! A big thanks too for all the entries, Sar x


  1. WOW thanks so much Sarah! I am so thrilled!

  2. Oh wow - thank you so so much Sarah! I'm over the moon about winning the Indian tribal necklace,I'm so very excited. Thank you so much again :)

  3. Yayyyyyyy!!!! My first ever win!!
    Thank you so much Sarah!!!!

    Hope your daughter's arm is getting better <3



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