Happy Hour - Vintage Posters

I've always had a thing for vintage posters, the prints are cheap, and they
look sensational in a plain black frame. All is needed are some Raffels empire
chairs, vintage finds and potted fan palms, then you've got a real Cuban vibe! 
aperitif toni kola vintage print ebay

mojito destination art print art burger

campari soda 1950  Franz Marangolo

bitter campari vintage poster art 

'martini' illustration by iv orlov

Leonetto Cappiello, Florio e Cinzano, 1930 via the animalarium

Have a great weekend!- Sar x

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  1. Love the posters - especially the Mojito!!! I'm all about the Mojito :)
    Love your blog - just wandered in a week or so ago and I'm hooked!


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