Decorating - Get it from the Garden

Love to add some life into your décor but find it a bit costly to keep your vases topped up
with fresh flowers? Just step out into your garden and you'll find all kinds of interesting
stems and flowers you could pop into vases or jars. By using single stems, it not only saves
your garden from constant pillage but also makes it a sculptural feature in its own right. 
Fill a collection of vases with single tropical stems from the garden. image

An attractive and dramatic fan palm leaf . Via: paint me white

One single orchid in a tiny vase- sweet.  image

Splitting up bunches of flowers into a series of vases can make an amazing sideboard feature.  H&H sculptural vases

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  1. Thoroughly agree Sarah. In many ways, I actually prefer leaf arrangements over flowers. They last a bit longer too!


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